“Let today be the day that you become committed in being, in doing, in getting, achieving, in experiencing. Let today be the day that you are committed to being the change you wish to see. To living the life you wish to live.” ― Steve Maraboli x

Amber Elliot

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    Fredericksburg, TX
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Amber’s Story:  “After completing my first Advocare 24 Day challenge I lost 7 pounds and 4.4 inches. Over the course of a year I lost a total of 17 pounds with major diet and exercise changes. For the past year I have been using the following Advocare products: Herbal Cleanse (once every 3 months or so), Spark (pretty much every day!), Muscle gain (post workouts), coreplex, and omegaplex. While 17 pounds in a year doesn’t seem like a lot to most people, I am HAPPY with that number.
It means I am doing this the right way, the way that I know I will be able to keep it off! Besides all that, I can see the difference. A month ago I was struggling to lift a 50 pound bag of horse feed and just recently I was able to carry it 200 yards and yes I was struggling with the awkward weight of the bag, but I was able to do it! Then I asked my boyfriend if he saw me carry it and if he saw how big my muscles were! All he could say was, “Amber, you’re worse than a guy!” I’ll take that as a check in the win column!”