“Let today be the day that you become committed in being, in doing, in getting, achieving, in experiencing. Let today be the day that you are committed to being the change you wish to see. To living the life you wish to live.” ― Steve Maraboli x

Brenda and Larry Carlton

  • Leadership Level:
    9 Star Emerald
  • Location:
    Lakeway, TX
  • Advocare Page:

Former Corporate America/Retired Teacher – Full-time AdvoCare

Brenda and Larry’s Story:  Brenda lost two dress sizes and Larry lost 16lbs as soon as they started in AdvoCare.  They have kept the weight off for 10 years.  They have paid off $168K in debt and are currently earning $18K a month.  “AdvoCare allows us to inspire others to be all they were created to be.”